Bad support in this forum

Hi all,

i think the support by jetbrains in this forum is a bit weak.
I really like MPS, but there are certain points I need some help to get it working. But in this forum you dont get an answer in a week....

If no one of jetbrains feels responsible for providing support in this forum I will file a youtrack issue for that. I really would like some guys of jetbrains writing in this forum regularly.


EDIT: issue created: MPS-12542
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I agree. MPS is fantastic but the support is quite meagre at the moment.  It was much better some months ago...

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Recently we got some problems with forum itself - it stops sending notifications.. This can be one of possible reasons for developers not answering your questions here...
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I'm glad that some answers came so quick after my issue-request.

The forum notification were a problem, but I think I just received my first notification yesterday. Perhaps it's fixed. Would be great.

Thanks for all your support Alex (and to the other developers as well).
As MPS is still quite new and theres no complete documentation available, it is really necessary to provide some support for us.

I already thought about writing a book about MPS ;)

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