Problems with migration from MPS 1.5 to 2.0


I just tried to migrate my MPS 1.5-Project to MPS 2.0.

Following problems:
  1. All references to external libraries are broken. I needed to completely reenter the dependencies to my dependency solution and to add them again as imported models for the generator. (I've seen that the imported models are now made more qualified in the form "solution/model". In 1.5 it was only by model name, which may be the cause for this problem.)
  2. After fixing the external libraries and imported models all generator annotations are lost!!! Instead there are errors saying "Error: Child in a role with unknown link". This holds for all types of makros (property, node, reference, ...). I suppose that by changing the references to the Java-Stubs, the annotations' links to the node properties are broken.

How to proceed??

By the way there was an option "Included in VCS" for external libraries. Is there something similar in MPS2.0?

- - *UPDATE*: - -
*ad1*: I was able to fix the external libraries by including the libraries to my project before migrating. However, in the generator properties, the imported models are still marked as unresolved (red).
*ad2*: The annotations are lost immediately, so directly after checking the project out from SVN.
To migrate from previous version of MPS to 2.0 now you have to perform all the migration steps listed here: We are going to automate migration process in next milestone, but for now the only way is to perform all these steps manually.
As i upgraded from MPS2.0M4 to M5 all my generator annotations were lost, too.

I did it manually, cause it was not so much yet, but I think a migration script for this, would be nice.
Ok, thanks.

It would be very nice if you could add the link to the download page so people are aware of the the steps to do...
See, 4. To convert attributes to the new format (usually in generators, quotations and patterns)
Migration is mentioned in What's new document for M4..
I've added Migration Guide section to MPS EAP Download Page. It will be updated once we have automatic migration assistance.
I wasn't aware that this also applies to the Migration between different 2.0 Versions.
Well, it should be a single migration process covering 1.5 -> 2.0 migration, but for those using Mx builds, it starts being more complex - you have to migrate (manually, most probably by running different migration scripts) between Mx-1 and Mx builds now..

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