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In your case there are a number of possibilities:

1) if you want your java files in MPS as models, you can import them into MPS using our java importer (the bad thing there is that importer in MPS 1.5 does not import comments; in 2.0 M6, which will be available in a week, comments are handled correctly). This can be invoked by right-click on solution -> "Get Module Contents from Source"

2) if you want just to reference your java code from MPS, you can add compiled class-files as "stubs" to your solution or language. MPS will extract the public part of those classes and make a model from it. This model can't be edited. This is the same to what Idea/Eclipse does for referencing code from jar files. Right-click on solution-> "solution properties" -> "External code". The same with language.

3) if you want to edit and compile your code in MPS as text (which is also posible, but java support is limited to syntax highlighting in this case), you can add a "source path" with your sources to the solution. I don't recommend doing this in general, because the feature is very unclear and can be removed in 2.0 (currently, it's by the fact available only in 1.5)


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