Making changes to generated code


is there a way to make changes to generated code that won't be discarded by the generator?
If not: Are there plans to provide such a feature?

Best regards
Yann Massard

explain us, what your use-case is and we will try to help you.

You cant have "protected regions", that wont get overridden.
But this is no good practice at all.

What you should use is the foreign code pattern.
You should embed the code in the model. (for java this is really easy)

OR: You can use inheritance to solve those problems.
Hi Michael,

thanks for your response. I think you already gave me the answer for my question ('You cant have "protected regions"...').

So I'll try to get along with inheritance for Java and templates, includes and CSS for JSF. (The foreign code pattern can be quite complex to implement, because you need to provide some context to the embedded code...)

Thanks for your help!

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