Exporting language extension to IntelliJ


I'm very interested by the java language extensions that you defined (like tuples), and I'd like to try to create my own.

The question is, is there a way to package those extensions and import them (as plugins?) in IntelliJ, to be used in the standart Java editor ?
Or am I missing a point or concept here ?

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You can't use the standard java editor for your extensions. You have to use the projectional mps editor.

How easy it is to mix standard-java and mps-editor, i don't know.

You can use the MPS-Editor for "normal" java, too. Although the user experience is a bit different.
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Our plan for 2.0 release is to provide users with possibility to deploy their custom languages into MPS platform as a result you should be able to use these languages inside MPS-based IDE.

In next version we are going to cover use case then custom language is deployed into IDEA platform. In this case most probably you'll be able to open .mps files in IDEA (content will be visualized in a same way as you can see it in MPS right now) and then edit/generate code from this model.
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This is excellent news, thank you !

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