MPS Fatal Errors questions

I have two questions about the Fatal Error reporter in MPS 2.0:

1. It Intelli/J, I can provide my YouTrack credentials and it will allow me to follow the submitted items. I don't see any place to provide my credentials in MPS. This strikes me as an oversight, but I thought I'd ask.

2. I am following the MPS for LWC-11 tutorial when I get some NPE explosions. It would be non-trivial task to describe how to reproduce, other than saying "go through the tutorial".

Should I still click the "Report To JetBrains MPS Tracker" even if I have nothing constructive to add about "steps to reproduce"?

  -- /v\atthew
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1. It should be possible to enter your YouTrack credentials while reporting exceptions from MPS (m.b. it's possible on the second dialog which appears on pressing. "Report To JetBrains MPS Tracker" button

2. Yes. Even if you don't know how to reproduce the problem just type a comment into a comment field like: "appears on X step of ...".

Thank you for your feedback!

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