Is it possible to run raw text programs written in my DSL?

I am pretty much sure that the answer is "no", but still got some hope.

Say I have a simple LL(1) language to implement. MPS is great at providing an editor and a compiler for my language. But what if I have some code in that language written outside MPS, represented in raw text files? Will it be possible to import that files into MPS?

I saw that you have added in MPS 2.0 support for that feature if the DSL a superset of Java. What about arbitrary languages, not Java-like?

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The answer is: "only if you write the code which will transform your text files into MPS models". MPS itself does not anything about regular languages, so it can't do this out of the box.

We did this for Java, so you can import Java code into MPS (and further work with it in MPS).
We also did this for .class-files, so you can view them as MPS models, but can "edit" (in this case, recompile is a kind of editing) outside of MPS.


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