possible to discuss how forum.jetbrains.com uses MPS?


I notice in the footer of forum.jetbrains.com it mentions JetBrains Forum | Build #27 (Sep/01/2011 8:53PM) | Feedback | Powered by MPS

I am having a hard time applying my mental model of how MPS works onto how one would use it to build a forum.

I can appreciate that JetBrains probably considers the implementation a competitive advantage, but any insight you feel comfortable sharing (including pointers to "RTFM") would be appreciated.

  Thanks kindly,
  -- /v\atthew
The forum is a web application which is being developed entirely in MPS environment (MPS is an IDE after all).
We have a set of languages at our disposal that allows us to develop any kind of webapp in MPS, and then generate and deploy it to a standard servlet container.
Here is another example of webapp developed in MPS, commercial one - YouTrack issue and bug tracker.
I've been wondering this too. Interesting. So in the way some people consider Rails to be a sort of a DSL on top of Ruby you guys have a MPS-built DSL that generates to Java? Pretty cool.
Quite so, there are a couple of dozen DSLs we use that generate to Java, JavaScript, css, Spring configs etc.
Thank you both; that is exactly the kind of answer I was looking for.
really nice to read about the whole thing!
In a talk some time ago, it was said that these tools would be open-sourced. Any progress on this?

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