MPS integration

I am thinking about using MPS for a project to integrate a DSL into an existing application. Is it possible to integrate the MPS in such a way into my Eclipse plug-in application to use/integrate the MPS editor (or some subsystem) to enable online syntax checking, full editor support etc?

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We plan to support the Eclipse platform, but currently it's not done.
In 2.1, which we plan to release in the middle of the spring, there will be a possibility to use MPS as a plugin for IntelliJ Idea (but only for developing solutions, not languages). So, we plan to distinguish the 3 following parts of MPS till this time:
1) mps core, which will include all non-UI functionality (models, nodes, persistence, typesystem, generation, etc) - mps-core.jar, which then will be used for command-line generation, for example
2) mps-platform, a common part for standalone and plugin versions, which will include all non-IDE functionality and WILL depend on Idea platform
3.1) idea-plugin part
3.2) standalone-IDE part

Each of those will be one jar-file. Further, the (2) will be splitted into platform-dependent code and "editor" part, the last will be used to develop the Eclipse plugin and will be a common part for all three: Ide, Idea plugin and Eclipse plugin.


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