Import Java projects

I know I can paste some Java code and have it imported as BaseLanguage. I was wondering if there is some way to import a medium-large codebase of Java code.
Related question: Is it possible also to import conveniently a bunch of JARs?
In the module properties of you language you can add Libraries in the Design Time and Runtime tab. There you can add jars as JavaStubs. Is this what you want to do?
I want both to import Java code and jars.

For the source code I have seen that I can select a Solution and from the context menu select "Get Module Contents from Source". There are some problems with this options (not everything is imported correctly).

For the jars I will do as you suggest, thank you!

My goal is to import projects and then evolve the basecode as I add extensions to the language.
We are improving java import constantly. It should work well with the structure, but may fail to resolve some references (it tries to compile your code, thus the classpath should be full). The resolving mechanism is going to be changed in the next few months.

Try migration scripts to find some patterns in the code and transform them into your concepts automatically.
Sometimes the import seems to fail silently: I select a directory to import but nothing happens. No errors are reported at all.

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