MPS build language in IDEA

Just had an idea of using MPS build language in IDEA, instead of Ant.
I've created the model, ok, but when tried to add something to 'structure', IDEA had frozen completely... mmm..
Anyone tried that?

And, as far as I understand, I have to describe the project structure anyway - the MPS does not now anything about IDEA modules, right? I was hoping that MPS build script would magically be aware of IDEA modules, so that I could declare e.g. a jar artifact, and add 'compile output of... my existing IDEA module', without declaring that in project structure... Could you give it a thought, please?
Any freeze is definitely a bug, I'll check why it happens.

You are absolutely right guessing that IDEA modules should be there. We were going to add them (as a separate language, but spent too much time on supporting MPS story (which is way more complicated). So, we decided to put it off till the next release.
It would be nice to check it out in some EAP build...

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