Standalone IDE for creating models using given language

Is there a way in MPS to separate language design from creating models using designed language, something like Youtrack Workflow editor?
Yes, there should be a way. You found a tutorial here:
It should be very simple, but I've still problems with some dependencies in my language. Perhaps you will have more luck.
Thanks for your reply, fabma. I'm currently gathering an information on what abilities will I have if I use MPS.
If you switch off the "Languages DevKit" plugin in MPS, language-design-related parts of MPS will be disabled. AFAIK, also you won't see j.m.lang.* languages in module selection dialogs, popups etc (though they will still be present in MPS as it's needed by MPS to use them).
This will not be absolutely similar to Youtrack's Workflow editor, as they manually remove all the parts they don't need in MPS (like modules in project view), but still.
If you see some language-design-related functionality after switching off this plugin, you can ask MPS team to move this functionality to the plugin.


UPD: fabma had written the more advanced way of building custom IDE while I have been writing mine. Thanks.
Thanks, Mihail. I'll try fabma's approach.
Good luck! Unfortunately the last section Creating the Platform-Specific Distributions does not contain any useful information yet. Perhaps the MPS developers will add them in near future?!
You should also have a look here:

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