Reference to ConceptDeclaration cannot be resolved during generation


I have a concept MappingConfiguration which contains a reference to a ConceptDeclaration. I can create an instance of MappingConfiguration and have it point to an existing ConceptDeclaration. During generation, however, I get the following error:
cannot resolve required reference; role: 'conceptDeclaration' in output node [root] MappingConfiguration <no name>[5488341941789824384] in my.lang.structure@2_0.

The MappingConfiguration instance and the referenced ConceptDeclaration instance both reside in the same module (my.lang.structure).

Am I missing an import or dependency declaration?
Looks like somethig is wrong with the generator in this language. You can try switching on "save transient models" generator option, regenerate this model and check if this reference can be resolved in the intermediate models or not and why.
The referenced concepts did not have a generator attached. Could this have lead to unresolved references during generation?
Yes. I think you should generate it into something reasonable in order to have a reference target in the end.

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