Is it possible to reference to superconcept editor in current concept editor?

I would like to extend baseLanguage's FieldDeclaration concept, and in editor to this new concept I want to just add to existing editor of the FieldReference perfix cell with constant value.
Possible solutions I think of are:
  • just copy whole FieldDeclaration_Editor into my editor
  • use custom cell type and reference to FieldDeclaration_Editor somehow in code
  • use superconcept editor cell type I don't aware of

So how should I do this?
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Unfortunately, MPS is not very extensible now in its editor part. So, the best way in the particular case is just to copy existing editor.
If both concepts were accessible by the author, he could extract an "Editor Component" and use it in both places.

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Mihail, thanks for your answer and quick response!

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