Ant build under MacOS issues

We are trying to integrate MPS build into our build process using ant and mps.generate task.
So far it works fine under linux, but for MacOS we have encountered weird error, saying
"[mps.generate] ERROR - Can't find classes.jar. Make sure you are using JDK 5.0[mps.generate] Can't find classes.jar. Make sure you are using JDK 5.0"

We are using JDK 1.7, and classes.jar is nowhere to be found. Strangely enough, it's not a problem for linux build, where there is no such file too.
JDK 1.6 works perfectly fine. But unfortunately our target is 1.7.

Any suggestions?

Full log is attached.
vasya.txt (125KB)
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It seems like this is a problem of transition from Apple java (supported by MPS will now) to Oracle one (1.7) or from classes.jar -> rt.jar...

I can recommend only using JDK 1.6 on MacOs for now and submit corresponding request to MPS bug tracker asking to correct this problem..

Just checked - this problem was already corrected in MPS 3.0. Is there any chance for you to move onto EAP builds when it will be available?

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