Multiple views/editors for same concept?

Is there a way to present current concept node in multiple views or editors?
For example, I want to have an editor for the FormConcept, but split it's content editing onto several editor forms: one for component declarations, another for dependencies between components, third for security settings applied to this FormConcept node.
Maybe something like aspect tabs for a concept?
You can define different "aspects" of the element definition in your DSL (like in MPS you can define structure/editor/typesystem/.. aspects) and edit those aspects in different editor tabs in the same editor. It's possible to "group" number of root nodes and show this group in single editor.

Please, let me know if solution is sufficient for the use case you have so we will provide you with detailed implementation description.
In this case I would have many root nodes, which I should group manually by myself, if I get it right. I wonder if this is the only way to use multitab approach? Can I use multitabs for children of a root node?
Not now. Though it's an interesting idea, and we have thought about it, it's more likely that we'll not implement in in near future, regretfully.

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