Error when building language plug-in with third party jar


I'm currently trying to build a plug-in from my language, I used the wizard to create the build model. Now, one of the languages I developed uses an external jar (commons-validator-1.4.0.jar), it works when using it from the language, also the wizard for the build model found it immediately and added the path to the language dependencies. However, as soon as i try to build the model to get the build.xml, I get the error that the jar file cannot be found in local layout. Also manually entering the path doesn't work, although it's the proper path (besides, it found the jar file when creating the build model, so the path must be ok, yet I can'T build). Are there issues with using external jars?
Any hints? Thanks a lot!



I checked the forum but found nothing related to that. Everything works, except creating the build.xml (not the build model!!!) and the plug-in.
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checked everything, the paths are ok, the languages work, the build model finds the jar file, yet the build fails, stating the jar cannot be found...
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Hi, Phil,

The wizard does not add jars to the default layout, so they should be added manually to your plugin, like so:
default layout:
    plugin your.plugin
      folder lib 
        file ./folder/with/jar/commons-validator-1.4.0.jar

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Hi Julia,

thanks a lot, just what i needed!


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I am running in the same issue, it is just not clear to me what values I should use to include my jar files.
They are under the models directory of two different solutions


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