Status of 3.0 (or 2.5.3)

I was just wondering if the dev team could give us an update on 3.0, if and when there might be an EAP, do they need to cut scope and what is being cut, etc.?

I know it's bad form to pester the devs about release dates, but the date on the roadmap is fast approaching, and we haven't heard a peep, seen an EAP, or anything.

I don't want that to sound like a criticism - you guys have created what has the potential to be a game-changer, and every bit of effort is greatly appreciated.  The features listed on the roadmap for 3.0 are quite ambitious, but it will be truly awesome when completed!  So just take my query as a compliment - your work is so good, I can't wait to see the next version!

Also, I noticed that there is a 2.5.3 release in the bug tracker, which is another indication to me that 3.0 isn't right around the corner.  Do you have an ETA on when we might see 2.5.3?

Part of the reason for my pestering is that I am starting up a big project, and I'm 90% certain I'm going to use MPS for it, so I'm trying to get an idea of what to expect when, so I know how much time I may need to spend to work around a couple of things (for example, custom persistence is something I will probably need to use, and I know that's in flux right now).


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Unfortunately we have to postpone MPS 3.0 release till the first quoter of 2013, I hope you'll be able to download first EAP version in the beginning of 2013. I can assure you that MPS development team is actively working on new improvements for future release right now. :-)

Concerning 2.5.3 bugfix update, we are going to make it publicly available just in a couple of days. This build will contain some bug fixes as well as compatibility fix making MPS plugin running within IntelliJ IDEA 12.
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Alex - thanks for taking the time to reply.  I know you guys have been busy, just judging by the commit activity in Github.

Great news on the 2.5.3 update!  I look forward to trying out MPS in the slick new IDEA ui (MPS plugin in IDEA 12 is totally unusable now, so I haven't got to play with it much).

Thanks for the update on 3.0.  IMO, the modularization work you started in 2.5 and are completing in 3.0 is a key milestone for taking MPS to the "next level".  If it takes a little longer to get it right, I think that's well worth it in the long run.

In the meantime, could you share what if any work has been done in 3.0 on custom-persistence in general, and XML Schema support in particular?

I have a critical need (like, in the next week or two) for importing an existing schema as a stub model to refer to its structure in some other DSLs.  I know I can write a custom persistence solution to handle this, which I will tackle very shortly.

Easily importing/exporting XML schema is a common use case.  That's one of the (few) things I miss coming from the EMF/XText world - you get good XSD support out of the box.  If you guys have already started working on XML Schema import, then great, but if not, maybe we could work together to adapt the solution I will be creating to something generally usable that could be contributed back to MPS?
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Model/module/persistence API was modified significantly in MPS 3.0 source base already. The goals are:
1. Make it public ;-)
2. Support custom persistence on API level properly.

Concerning XML Schema - we did not implement anything related to it in MPS 3.0 till now.

In case you feel you can contribute to the project I think it make sense to do it base on MPS 3.0 sources.. In the same time I realise you have own tasks you'd like to solve and most probably you re working on MPS 2.5 right now, so may be it make sense to start implementing the solution using MPS 2.5 and then move it forward onto MPS 3.0 so we can think of accepting your contribution.

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