Generators - visibility in macros

I finally managed to create compilable and runnable application within our proof-of-concept project (integrating Idea project and simple domain specific MPS language for business analysts) and have some questions related to model compilation (code generation).

1. In case of generator's strict mode how one should design his language if root concepts are intercommunicable? Is it acceptable that choosing strict or non-strict mode influences a generator implementation, and, in general may influence the language design?

2. I found following link to be a most comprehensive doc on MPS/Generators (SUDDENLY :) ) -,
but I couldn't find a clear answer on what labels/properties/label outputs are visible on what steps of generation.

The problem that I faced with was the fact that I can't access node's {name} property in property macro while in weaving rule. What's the case? What should I do to get things work?

I think, a doc that expresses acceptable and unacceptable references in context of generator macroses (and why they are so) would be very convenient for beginners.

P.S. Also, I occasionally read in different sources that you (or YouTrack team) intend to release WebR to public. Is this still the case? If it is what is approx release date/build?

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