Global condition in Mapping Configuration depending on root node

Is there any chance to define all rules inside a mapping configuration just for a special root node? Of course I can add a condition to every rule, but this is what I don't want to do. In the is applicable section I can just check conditions for the whole model, but not for single root nodes.
But I think this would make generating to different output languages from the same input language easier or possible.
In my use case I want to ignore all rules if the root does not fulfill a given condition.
I think this thread is related to this one:
Some time ago I created a language that allows to define one condition for all rules inside a mapping configuration. I then tried to generate the condition for every rule. At the end it did not work because of this issue:
Ok, I could imagine, that generating mapping configurations could cause problems. I would prefer this feature to be build in. As far as I get to know MPS it's seem to bee more useful for me to specify a condition depending on the root in the is applicable section, rather than depending on the genContext.

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