How to extend MPs to load new format of models?

Is there any way to load a model from a source other than JAR files?
I am working on a middleware and now we want to specify non-functional properties. However, we have the architectural model in a XML-based format. We want to define a DSL in MPS but our DSL must reference elements which are in the architecture.

Currently, we have a graphical editor for the architecture and we have a lot of models for different systems.
Instead of extending the editor to accept the new meta-model, I have been thinking in using MPS as editor. However, it depends on the ability of changing MPS to load solutions or models from different sources.
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Actually you can load your models anywhere you want, you just need to provide your own custom manager.
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Ok, I saw the PlainText sample and I read the address above. I understand the source code, but I don't know how to use the feature to load models.

For instance, in the PlainText Sample we can see one language and one solution. The solution has a simple module. I was trying to load a new module into the solution from a directory. I created a directory with a single Text File and I want to load the file, but there is no way.

Is this the way of using a custom manager?
How can I load the model by using the GUI or something?

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