Is there any way to get the editor content copied as rich text or vector graphic for documentation?

For documentation of languages and code it is often necessary to provide code snippets in some documents. Since the editor can contain versatile formatting it's hard to use a formatter provided for example by Latex.
Working with bitmap screenshots is also a pain, so it would be great if there is any way to copy the editors content as rich text or vector graphic. Eclipse for example put text with formatting to the clipboard. Alternative a print function for creating post script documents would be better than a screenshot.

Is something like this hidden somewhere or planned for an upcoming version?
Hi fabma!

Unfortunately there is no such possibility in MPS now.

But in upcoming MPS 3.0 we are planning to implement 'Copy as HTML' action, wich will allow to get node presentation in formated html.
Hey Victor!

Is this action now available? I only see the Export to HTML in the File menu and this is not active.

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