MPS 3.0 EAP high CPU load

currently there is a high CPU load in MPS 3.0 EAP (using up a whole CPU) when importing simple jdk .java sources that have many errors (like missing java-stub imports), which result in an extremely slow MPS editor, when you try to fix those problems.
Is there a reason for this behavior?

addition: The problem seems to improve when you use "clone root"-node after you have imported .java-classes via menu option "Paste as java classes" into your model and then deleting the original root node. Without doing that your system will suffer from high cpu load, making MPS editor almost unusable.

best regards
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Hi Harry.

Yes this is a known problem. It's caused by the big number of dynamic references that appear from yet unresolved symbols (as you say there are a lot of errors of that kind in java sources). This is definitely a bug and we plan to fix it in the next EAP release.

All the best

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