3.0 Examples, Where are they located?


In the new 3.0 generator tutorial it states examples are located in


I'm on a mac, and I don't see any examples?  Where do I get this directory of examples?  The install for mac was basically a drag and drop into Applications, and the dmg had no other assets inside.

nevermind, it magically appeared, so I guess MPS created it.
By the source code, it seems that MPS installs samples when application is launched.
This step is known as 'parsing' or a combination of 'lexing' and 'parsing'. This is what all compilers as first step do. To write your own parser is often surprisingly simple as a DSL should be focused and simple. In your case it should be enough to read the file line by line and create an AST node for every line

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It would be nice to see some examples for IDEA integration, particularly referencing java project classes from DSL and using build language to write build 'scripts' for IDEA projects. Still dreaming of better ant/gradle replacement.
I did not get any example (also on the mac). Should I re-install MPS to get them?
Just start up MPS, and the examples are then created.
not in my case... I will try to navigate inside the Mps 3.0.app dir and look for them
It created them in directly in my home directory in a folder called MPSSamples.3.0
No MPSSamples.3.0 in my homedir after first startup too :( (build 129.189)
But then I closed the (converted) open project and choose Open Sample Project from Quick Start section. That worked. :)
Where is Constants language example? It was stated somewhere — i believe in Fast Track — that it is distributed with other examples.
Wow! I would never think it's there — it does not associates with
extensions to Java in my mind anyhow :)
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