No XML language in 3.0?

Checking out the RC1 version, I was surprised to see there is no longer an XML language at all.  I see the older XML/XMLSchema/XMLQuery languages are in the separate "deprecated" zip file.

What happened to the jetbrains.mps.core.xml language?  Last I heard, that was the "official" XML language to use instead of the older ones, and now it's just removed with no warning?  Is there something to replace it that I'm just missing?
Apparently, this is a problem of rc1 that core.xml is not properly made available. We'll working on a fix to that.
Good, I was hoping it was just a bug.
According to the issue tracker, this has been fixed for RC2.  Is RC2 going to drop soon?  If it's more than a day or two, is there a manual workaround I can use in the meantime?

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