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In 3.0 RC3, when I quote a concept, I see there is another option in the menu for "light quotation".  What is this, and how does it differ from regular quotation?
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Hi Mike,

In regular quotations, nodes are created using a normal language editor. In light quotations (the other name for them is "Node Builders"), editor of the language is not used, and a node is created using a uniform syntax for setting children, properties and references. See on the screenshot a local variable declaration is created using regular quotation (above) and normal quotation (below).

Note that a regular quotation looks the same as a normal local variable declaration, while light quotation does not.

Light quotations were introduced in MPS 2.5.4 in order to deal with bootstrapping dependencies (see this article for reference The advantage of light quotations is that they do not imply language usage relation, since editor of a quoted language is not used in a quotation.


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