Open generated text files with highlighted editor inside MPS

My generator ends up with some Java classes which will be loaded and executed after the compilation step. Due to this further text files are generated inside the source_gen directory. I've figured out that I can pass a FileWithPosition object to the loggers info method to create links to the new generated files inside the log window. But in order to open the files inside MPS by clicking on these links I have on the one hand synchronize with the file system with the button on the tool bar and on the other hand define a recognized file type inside the MPS settings. To make this more convenient I have several questions:
  1. How can I make MPS to synchronize the generated files automatically`
  2. How can I add the file type specifications for my output files to my language definition. I don't want the user to create this by hand on each platform. Since I have installed the mbeddr plugin there is a C/C++ file type available. So I sure this must be possible somehow, but I can't figure out how the mbeddr developers implement it.
  3. Even if I have specified all keywords and the comment tokens for the file type, the text editor will contain no highlighting at all. The highlighting is also missing for C++ files. Is this feature not implemented in MPS 2.5?

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