Prevent user to create new elements in a list

I have a list where all the elements are derived from other elements in the model.  I would like the list to behave as follows:
  • user cannot remove an element from the list
  • user cannot add an element to the list
  • user can edit properties / references / children within the elements of the list.
In short, the list should not be editable, but the elements in the list should be editable.

I know there are issues and for stopping users from deleting elements in a list, so this is not possible yet.
However, is it possible to prevent a user to add elements to a list?  In my editors the RETURN will always create a new element.
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For me, the read-only style attribute is not working since I want to allow to replace/substitute an element, but also prevent the user to explicitly delete an element. Any ideas?


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