Does padding-top work?

Hi,  I am using padding-bottom which gives the expected result. But when I am using padding-top it works as if I had stated padding-bottom.  All extra space is always added at the bottom.

Does anyone use this and has it working correctly?
Works as expected for me. Perhaps something specific to your project/editor definition?
It is in a simple editor. I apply it to a constant cell inside  a vertical collection
OK, seems like an issue specific to vertical layout, and definitely something we should look into, thus I created

Thanks for reporting, Jos.
I am new to PyCharm, and test it on a (unified installed) Plone 4.3.2. Just opening the top installation directory didn't add the eggs in the buildout-cache. I marked the actual egg folders (e.g. Products.CMFPlone-4.3.2-py2.7.egg) as a sources folder in Preferences->Project Structure. The python intepreter is set correctly.

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