New to AppCode looking to create persistent selection plugin

Hello, Just started using appcode and I'm loving the editor, pretty awesome.

Anyway, there are some holdovers from my previous editor that I want to port over and before I go down the rabbit hole of learning the plugin in environment. I want to see if this is even possible.

I would like to have persistent block selections.

step 1 - basically hit 1 key, current line at the carat is selected.
step 2 - not navigate anywhere in the document without holding shift.
step 3 - hit same key from step 1 and selection is locked

now you can continue to navigate anywhere in the document and the selected area is still in place.

if you add lines in the selected area it gets bigger
if you delete lines in the selected area it gets smaller

other action perform misc actions

delete block key
move block to carat key
duplicate block to carat key

Anyway, since this requires messing around with the editor itself, this is probably a little more complex than just creating an action that generates code.

If this is possible, it would be greatly appreciated if you can forward me to a sample project or api that might be helpful in pulling this off.


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