Error "Non abstract concepts must have an editor" to restrictive

If I create a (non-abstract) Concept without an editor I get the error message: "non-abstract concept should have editor definition".

In my generator I want to use a special root concept, let's call it GEN. A pre-processing script creates several derived instances of this concept GEN. And then the code generation rules will use these to generate code from.  The GEN concept is purely for internal use in the generator, I don't want users to even know it is there.  Therefore I don't want to give it an editor.

because of the fact that MPS views this as an error, I have to create an editor, and because of that this concept will appear in the list of the "new" popup menu.

Therefore I woulds either have MPS not view lack of an editor as an error, or otherwise a way to ensure that the concept will never appear in the "new" menu.

Any ideas ?
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First of all, this error should become warning in the latest version of MPS 3.0 :-)

The only solution i have for you now is to extract corresponding "generaotor-internal" concept into a separate language and do not import this language into a user-models. As a result you will not be able to create corresponding concept by using new-> menu and in the same time you will be alb to use this concept inside the generator.

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