Editor polymorphism issue


I'm trying to do some polymorphism within an editor.

What I have:
- an abstract concept Item with editor component ItemBody and editor that refers to ItemBody. ItemBody editor component contains only a text message that ItemBody is not implemented
- some rootable concept Root that has a child of concept Item
- the concrete concept Concrete that extends Item, does not define its editor, but does define the editor component that "overrides: ItemBody"

It works well. I can create an instance of Root in my sandbox solution, create Concrete child and see its concrete editor component.

But! This does not work, when I try to move Concrete concept to another language.
- language Base with Root, Item, ItemBody and editors for Root and Item
- language Derived with ForeignItem extends Item, ForeignItemBody editor component that overrides ItemBody
- language Derived->module properties->dependencies: added Base in scope "Extends"
- language Derived->editor model->model properties dependencies: added Base.editor to refer ItemBody from ForeignItemBody editor component (BTW it's confusing, why don't I need to add the same dependency for structure models?)
- solution Sandbox using the language Derived

Now the Root editor says "ItemBody is not implemented" when I create a child of concept ForeignItem.

I'm afraid that I can miss some dependency configuration: there are many "dependencies"/"used languages" on each module/model, and I'm not sure I understand them all...

The minimal project to reproduce attached.


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