Base Language Optimisation

Is it possible to have aggressive optimisers written for the base language. Any Base Language code can be optimised for speed and memory considering code interaction efforts also. Perhaps through AST Rewriting and constraint programming techniques. The result would be optimised code in the same base language. If low level languages can be also make base languages which would result in being able to implement a super compiler. Is the transformation techniques are formalised with automated reasoning and verification, you can establish that the resulting code is the most optimal and not further optimisations is possible. (Most reduced form. May be if transformations use formalised rewriting / reduction rules.)
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Optimisation will be one reason this might not get used for a GPL / PLT tool. If this is ironed out this would be one step closer to becoming a great language construction platform. This means you have have much richer DSLs which are more optimised.

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