How to develop a generator to complete your input model (weaving or not weaving)


I have a DSL1 with concepts and generator from concepts to xml.
In which the State concept exists (from statemachine), State has children states for compound states.
I have a DSL2 with generator, I want to add new substates to the input model.
I have no root mapping rules, since I want the statemachine in input copied as it is in the output model.
I am trying weaving rule :
concept   State -->  weave_State
condition node.needsProcess         context : genContext.get copied output for (node);
in weave_State I have template fragments for substates.

When I launch generation I have the following error :
failed to generate output after 10 repeated mappings
No transient models are generated (with option ON)

I can make a testcase languages zip for anyone.


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