One interface implemented by a subconcept with a smart reference and another subconcept: how to make the references appear in the completion menu?

Hi list,

I have been struggling with the following problem for quite a few hours now... I would be glad if somebody could help!


Consider part of a language made of the following concepts:

concept Container   children:     kids : I [0..n]   (..., all the rest empty, no reference, no property)

interface I   (..., no property, no child, nothing)

concept A implements I   alias a   (..., might have property or other, does not matter)

concept B implements I   alias b   (..., no property, no child)   references:     target : C [1]

So, to sum up:
  • I have a concept containing a list of "I"s
  • Each I can be either a A or a B
  • B is a smart reference (to a concept C)


  • In the sandbox of my language, I want to add a kid to an instance of Container.
  • I press "Ctrl-Space"
  • What I obtain in the menu is the following:
a      (short description for A)
b      (short description for B)

  • Instead, I would like to have:
a      (short description for A)
C1     (instance of C)
C2     (instance of C)
C3     (instance of C)

i.e., instead of displaying "b", I want to see directly the candidates for the smart reference.

How can I do that??

Thanks a lot!
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Holy crap, I found the solution... Just put no alias for B...

concept B implements I alias: <no alias> (..., no property, no child) references: target : C [1]

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