0-n Cardinality Constraint

Hi Everyone,
Is there any way to restrict the cardinality to some variable m where 1<m<n
If yes how to do it?

Constant: value
constant: value

restrict its cardinality from 0...n to some user defined value
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The Constraints aspect can be used to restrict the model beyond the settings in the structure.
E.g. the "can be parent" concept function:

concepts constraints Constants {
  can be child <none>
  can be root <none>
  can be parent
    (childConcept, node, childNode, operationContext, link)->boolean {
      node.constants.size < 3;
  can be ancestor <none>
  <<property constraints>>
  <<referent constraints>>
  default scope
    <no default scope>
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Thanks for the quick reply.
It works

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