DSL creation: Support for models distributed over multiple model files

I am checking the abilities of MPS to see if it suits creation of a DSL we
need for our business. As a learning project I started a DSL which has aspects similar to the one we need.

I created a DSL to describe a roadmap with multiple roadmap items (inspired on mindmap DSL).

What I want is that multiple model files can be imported such the roadmap items can refer to items in other model files. This way multiple people can create such a roadmap DSL model and store it in a repository.

Preferably the loading of all models is such that the ctrl-space recognizes items from other model files when setting up the dependency relations.

Is this possible?
Is there an example to check ?

Thanks !!
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I probably do not fully understand the issue. In general, MPS allows references to point to other models. However, I'm not sure I get what you describe as "import" process and the "model files"? Do you mean some automatic import process of files that change outside of MPS? Could you be more specific, please?
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Maybe I am indeed looking for model references...
What I meant is how can multiple people create their own model file where they store it
under version control (subversion oslt) and that other can (preferably automatically) refer to items in the model made by someone else with/without including it explicitly.
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This seems like a scenario that can be easily supported in MPS.
Your language will provide a root concept to represent your "model files" and will hold "model items".
Then you will need a root concept for "roadmap" that can hold "model item references". These references will by default see all "model items" in the current model.

You can check out the SampleJavaExtensions sample and its Constants language for inspiration.

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