Unexpected Tab Key behavior

Newbie with MPS.

I have noticed the following behavior with Tab Key which in mapped to Tab KeyMap in MPS settings:
1) If a cell editable=false, means we cannot edit the cell but we can modify the cell with ctrl+space. If we press Tab on a series of such cells it will skip those cells and move to next editable cell but as expected it should move to cell with editable=false.
2) If cell read-only=true, means cell is in read only mode we cannot modify the cell. If we press Tab on a series of such cells it will move to those cells one by one but as those cells are read-only as expected it should skip those cells with read-only=true.

So it behaves opposite as expected.

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Indeed, this is a bit inconsistent. Would you care to file an issue, please?
BTW, setting "selectable=false" on read-only cells will make them transparent to Tab navigation, as desired.
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Thanks for providing workaround for 1 use case but other use case is still inconsistent and i have filed an issue regarding the same.

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