How to identify parent concept typeI


In my language I´m using a table similar to "DecTab" of mbeddr.
I Need to be able to modify Header-nodes in a nlist<> of a parent-concept.
From a child of this nList I navigate to the parent via:
nlist<MyChildConcept> l = this.parent : MyParentConcept.childConceptList;  

But what I realise is, that the assumed type "MyParentConcept" is wrong (isInstanceOf(), returns false).

Now I would like to know the real concept Name of the parent.
How can I do that?
Would calling work?
Hi Vaclav,

I tried it and the result I get back is "null"

I can see it , since I append it to a string that is displayed for the concept for which I would like to know the parent.

i.e. = "Wk- name:" +;

I added the code above into the constructor of the concept.

How can I have a "null"-return ?
A node does not have a parent in the constructor call - your constructor is called before the node is inserted into the model.
Hi Vaclav,

OK understood.
With this Background I found an appropriate solution for my Problem.

Thanks for your fast help.

I try to create a new thread in the MPS Forum, but I get allways the
following error:       HTTP Status 500

What do I need to do to be able to create the thread.

Below I attached also the new thread content:

Tabular Editor:  Turn on/off of borders


I´m creating an tabular Editor for my language.
Therefore I´m using: jetbrains.mps.lang.editor.table

All table elements have by default visible borders.
Based on User-Actions I want to turn on/off the left or right border of
an Individual cell.

How can I do that?

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