Unable to convert .mps to .mpb in MPS-RC1-3.2 BUILD-139.1759

Hi ,

When I tried building the language using ant, ant throws me the following error

Cannot convert .mps into .mpb: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'concept' of jetbrains/mps/persistence/registry/IdInfoRegistry.knows must not be null

I tried to convert individual model to binary format and build the language, But still the problem is not resolved.

Please help me regarding this.

Thanks in advance.


Has your language been created in 3.2 rc1? If it was created in an older version, did you run all the MPS migrations - Tools -> Start Migration Assistant?
Hi Vaclav,

Thank you very much for the assistance. :)

My language was created in 3.1 and so I did all migrations as you said.

When I did Migration, I was not sure whether the migration really happened or not.

So I created a new project and added my language in the project path and then migrated that project. Now I have no problems :)



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