how to deliver models for intellij language plugins ?


I created languages, I packaged them with a build script to build intellij plugins.
I can deploy them and use them in intellij projects.
Now I want to allow people using the intellij plugins to import "common" models which are delivered with the intellij plugins.
So I created a solution called "common", and added its definition in the build model.
When I generate the intellij plugins in MPS, I have the corresponding common.jar and common-src.jar.
But after deploying them to intellij, I can't add the common model as a dependency to the models inside intellij projects. It is not available.
(I can see one which looks like what I want to do :

How can I achieve this please ?

Thanks for your help.
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While packaging the module inside a build script you an specify "jar locations" inside inspector:

jar locations: 
  $git4idea_home/lib/git4idea-rt.jar -> /plugins/git4idea/lib/git4idea-rt.jar 
  $git4idea_home/lib/git4idea.jar -> /plugins/git4idea/lib/git4idea.jar 
  $git4idea_home/lib/ini4j-0.5.2-patched.jar -> /plugins/git4idea/lib/ini4j-0.5.2-patched.jar 
  $git4idea_home/lib/org.eclipse.jgit- -> /plugins/git4idea/lib/org.eclipse.jgit- 
  $git4idea_home/lib/resources_en.jar -> /plugins/git4idea/lib/resources_en.jar 
  $git4idea_home/lib/trilead-ssh2.jar -> /plugins/git4idea/lib/trilead-ssh2.jar 
strip implementation: false

Hope this will help you.

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