hide the root instance?

can i hide the root instance in my sandbox?
I have a root instance set to true and i am populating it from other model by default and i don't want to add it manually so i want to hide that root instance so that no user should instantiate it.
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The only option that I could think of is to utilise the "can be root" constraint:

concepts constraints Library { 
  can be child <none> 
  can be root 
    (operationContext, model)->boolean { 
  can be parent <none> 
  can be ancestor <none> 
  <<property constraints>> 
  <<referent constraints>> 
  default scope 
    <no default scope> 
You, however, have to make a decision based on the containing model only, which might be quite difficult.
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looks like the explanation is interpreted wrong.
When we click on Model in Sandbox, we get root instances to add. My requirement is to hide those instances.

Fox example, i have added baseLanguage to my usedLanguages in sandbax. Now when we right click on Model we get baseLanguage instance to add.
I want to hide it.
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I don't think you can do that.
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Here's the answer http://forum.jetbrains.com/thread/Meta-Programming-System-2751. But note that this feature will be available in upcoming 3.2.1 and it is not made to be extendable

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