Simple Table Layout in Editor

Hi, I am a beginner in MPS, so maybe there is a good and simple answer in my question, but I cannot find it.
So I would like to have a table editor for my complex concept. A table should have a header that contains constants indicating the name of the column, and one row, that holds tha values for each column.

The values are the property values of the concepts and in some cases its a reference to another concept (as drop down, selecting the instance of another concept).

For example:
Last Name Gender Age
Bill Male 25

The header is constant, and the values in the row is that, what I could edit in the concept editor.
Thank you.
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you may take inspiration from DecisionTable in the SampleJavaExtensions sample project bundled with MPS.

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Thank you, I have seen it already 5 times, but could not find out, how to make a table, like abowe.
I could make a decision table based on the video, but nothing more :(

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