Create root new model in sandbox...

I create language that contains concepts:

RepositoryForA contains many concept A.
RepositoryForA is root concept.

Concept B is a root concept and have reference to one concept A that is stored in RepositoryForA.

In sandbox I create node for B.
When I create property in node B that is reference to concept A I want to create new concept A in RepositoryForA and make reference.

How to do that:
1. if in sandbox I don't have RepositoryForA node.
2. if I have RepositoryForA node.

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I suggest that you use an intention, which would detect/create the repo, create a new A and a reference from B to A.
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So, I can use SModel language  to find RepositoryForA, if it does not ext I will create....make reference and etc...
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Exactly, this is the way to proceed.

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