Exporting editor contents (=DSL) as (rich) text ?


This is most obvious thing I am expecting from this tool and apparently such feature is not there - ability to copy my DSL sources as they are seen in the MPS editor - as a text (possibly a rich text, possibly a HTML).

Every day I run into situations like:
  • sharing some snipped written in my DSL with a person not having MPS environment installed
  • sharing some snipped written in my DSL but not the whole project
  • copying some example into a forum (text only)
  • copying a piece of code into a Powerpoint presentation

Editor "copy" action works .... but weird. Not always, not everything, and sometimes completely messing the layout. And - needless to say, my precious syntax colouring is lost.

Well ... in the meantime I live with screenshots but this is not always the way to go. And the feeling is that this should be really easy to expose such functionality because the same code which does pretty-printing on the screen can be reused, right?

Or - maybe the feature is already there, I just can't find it ?

The same question posted on this forum in 2013 got an answer that such a feature is planned in version 3.0:

Questions are:
1. What is the status of this feature ?
2. Maybe there is some dirty workaround ?

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AFAIK, there's no such capability ATM. Would you mind creating a request for us in YouTrack, please?


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