Dynamic References and resolve info

Hi MPS-Pro's

i am just migrating from MPS 3.1.2 to MPS 3.2. My first impression from the new Version is great. Editor feels nice. However, i have some serious issues with references in generators.

  • I have two languages involved in generation (of one single model)
  • First language A translates a ClassConcept C to a ClassConcept C', Language B generates another ClassConcept D, refering ClassConcept C.

I get: Failed to replace dynamic reference 'classConcept' with static counterpart: no target; resolveInfo=NewLanguage.runtime.TestEntity. Dynamic reference is left intact.

Where can i find further information on that issue? The reference can not from D to C can not be retrieved at all. It s just null. Is it mandatory to take the new Referencing-Method into account?

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With this message the generator informs you that it cannot find the target for your reference. Perhaps the new finer-grained generation plan separated the two generators into two distinct phases, while in 3.1 they used to run together.
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Hi Vaclav,

thanks for your quick response. That is absolutely correct! Amazing!

Enjoy innsbruck,

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