Create new concept only using intention...

Is it possible to create new concept only using intention....
So, I want to "hide" default way.

Maybe the only possibilities is to create behavior operation and call it when create new object either using default way or using intention.

I'm not sure I understand what "hiding the default way" is. Do you mean removing the "New Concept" option from the pop-up menu?
Default mean when I press ctrl+N, when create new concept.I need to change scope, maybe?
Excluding concepts from "create root" menu will be possible since 3.2.1, which  we plan to release in a couple weeks. See CreateRootFilterEP class (after release). It's quite easy to use - you can provide custom "filters" to filter out some concepts. You can contribute those filters e.g. from plugin solution with "custom application plugins"
Newbie to MPS
I have started using 3.2.1
how can add new custom application plugin?
where can i see CreateRootFilterEP class?
How can i use custom filters to filter out some concepts?
Control/Cmd + N in the editor gives you a way to see the class in MPS. If you've got MPS sources open in IDEA, you may also see the implementation of the class.
I suspect you call the addFilter() method to register your own filters.


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