Version Control in MPS


I have a doubt in the version controlling ( using git) mechanism of MPS.

when I create a new MPS project, a folder named (.mps) is automatically created and also a pop up comes in MPS, asking us whether we should add .xml files of .mps folder to git.

If I add a folder ( my own userdefined/custom folder) inside the same project directory ( adjacent to the .mps folder), MPS is not showing my folder in the pop-up window/ when I try to commit other files.

I added those folders to git from the bash.

Is MPS maintains a list of folder/file types to be allowed for version controlling?

Is it possible to make MPS to show my folder also at the time of commit mps files?

If you can give me some suggestions, it would help me a lot.

Thank you very much in advance.


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I guess this could be caused by git not storing empty directories. Once you create files in that folder, the files will show-up in the MPS' changes view as "Unversioned files" (you may need to click the refresh button).
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Hi Vaclav Pech,

Thank you very much for the suggestions you gave.

I tried your approach. I just wanted to tell you the following.

I created a new file ( say config.xml) inside the my folder. I tried commiting from MPS and refreshed, synchronised. But still it is not showing that file.

Then I did the following.

I saw this files as Unversioned in the changes view. I said rightclick->git->add

Now I am able to see those files in MPS commit files dialog ( after refreshing).

Is it not possible to get a dialog ( as existing  dialog asks us to add scope-settings.xml,workspace.xml to git) to add my files to git first?

If you can give me some suggestions on this, it will help me a lot.

Thank you very much.



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