Accessing preferences from other plugins


I have two custom MPS plugins. Plugin A defines a preference component with a single preference page. This is were I set a path to a project specific file.
Now Plugin B defines a Tool that needs to access the file via the path specified in the preference component of Plugin A.

I tried to achieve this with the following snipped inside the Tool of Plugin B with the following snippet that is also referred to in the MPS plugin documentation

init(project)->void {
  string path = project.preferenceComponent<CustomPrefences>.myFilepath

This, however, produces an error:
couldn't resolve reference 'baseMethodDeclaration' from getStateObject
 -- cannot resolve reference by string: 'getStateObject'
 -- was input: 034ff76b-1ae8-4bb0-823c-a3f81ff1996a/r:c0217f7d-91e8-4a13-bd95-b21cbfc313df(B@transient18/B.plugin@0)/8159339663038184236
 -- was template: r:00000000-0000-4000-0000-011c89590369(jetbrains.mps.lang.plugin.generator.baseLanguage.template.main@generator)/5891355986060395731
Failed to replace dynamic reference 'baseMethodDeclaration' with static counterpart: no target; resolveInfo=getStateObject. Dynamic reference is left intact.
broken reference 'fieldDeclaration' in [operation] FieldReferenceOperation null[8159339663038196662] in B.plugin@1_0 (target model is null)
-- -- was input node: [operation] FieldReferenceOperation null[8159339663038196662] in B.plugin@1_0
broken reference 'classifier' in [actualArgument] ClassifierClassExpression null[8159339663038196670] in B.plugin@1_0 (target model is null)
-- -- was input node: [actualArgument] ClassifierClassExpression null[8159339663038196670] in B.plugin@1_0
model "B.plugin@1_0" has been generated with errors
generation completed with errors in 245 ms
Error executing target jetbrains.mps.lang.core.Generate.generate
"generate" target execution time: 246 ms
Other targets execution time: 1 ms; configure: 1 ms, preloadModels: 0 ms, checkParameters: 0 ms
Make failed. See previous messages for details.

The dependencies look fine to me but the generator seems not able to resolve the references. So my question is if what I want to achieve is possible and if so what am I doing wrong?
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Would it be possible to share your project?

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Hello Vaclav,

I have uploaded a examlple project here

Thank you for your help.
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Hello Phillipp,

you've discovered a limitation of the MPS plugin language generator, which prevents it from correctly generating PreferencesComponent references pointing to other models ( I recommend to put the tool as well as the preferences component both in a single model for now.

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Hi Vaclav,

thank you for looking into this issue. For now I will try the work around you proposed and hope that there will be a fix for this in one of the next MPS releases since this would support a more modular approach in creating MPS plugins.

Best regards,

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