How to join the forum

The MPS forum is a very important communication channel for the MPS community as well as for the core developers. I’m happy to announce that we have re-enabled write access to the MPS forum to all users that have used it previously. From now on you should be able to submit your questions, answers and comments again.
We’ll keep an eye on spam and revoke write permissions from their authors instantly.

The only price to pay is that all new users of the MPS forum will have to explicitly ask for write permission through a dedicated YouTrack ticket, which you can find here:

Complete instructions on how to join the forum are:
  1. Sing up for a JetBrains account, if you do not have one -
  2. Request a write access to the MPS forum through an open issue in YouTrack -
  3. Login to the MPS forum at and enjoy!

I hope this will provide a workable solution.

Thank you all for your patience and sorry for the trouble.


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